Who We Are

Essentials! is a professional etiquette coaching company, created by Denise Marcia, that assists in building confidence and poise at all levels of an organization by emphasizing easy-to-learn skills and nuances that make all the difference in professional and social situations. Excelling in business not only requires exceptional education, skills, and experience but also rests heavily on one’s social skills.

The essentials! professional development company exposes ‘secret’ skills that can accelerate your entry into or advancement within the corporate market.

Through an interactive experience, Denise creates a comfortable and entertaining atmosphere where the group is able to explore today’s perplexing social issues and learn easy-to-apply solutions.

Etiquette courses are custom designed to maximize your objectives. You tell us what you would like to accomplish and together we create the perfect package!

What We Do

Your image indicates your approach to life and how you feel about yourself. It is your calling card to success. Yes! Your image can be cultivated to your benefit.


Business Etiquette Topics Include:

Established Professionals

For Corporate Managers, Customer Service, and Sales Professionals

Tips and techniques for excellent customer service!   Often times sales, corporate, or even upper management do not realize the important role of customer service personnel in a company’s ongoing success.  Customer retention is often left entirely in the hands of the customer service professional. They are expected to solve problems for which they may be trained but are given few to no guidelines as to how to interact with the customer.  This one-hour course gives valuable techniques and guidelines developed by the staff at etiquette-essentials. Whether your business is conservative or creative, unwritten rules, rule!

Topics: Telephone Skills, Reception, Customer Complaints, Travel and Hotel Decorum   

For Executive and Middle Management, Hiring Managers, and Supervisors

It’s not just about the salary and perks anymore. Most companies pride themselves in employee retention when in truth the best and the brightest often leave your business to work with competitive firms due to office incivilities, discourteous leadership, and other behaviors. Allow etiquette-essentials to do the ‘hard job’ of thwarting crude demeanor among staff and correcting offensive or inconsiderate behavior.

Topics: Corporate Culture, Workplace Courtesy, Office Romance and Appropriate Attire

For Leadership ~ Sales Professionals ~ Entrepreneurs

People do business with people they like.  A good first impression can determine success in business. Add to that, a quality product or service and excellent work ethic to create a lucrative business relationship.  This one-hour session assists the professional with a “checklist” for personal effectiveness.

Topics: Body Language, Attire & Grooming, Networking, Business Cards, Electronic Devices, Business Dining (presented through a meal)

For professionals who travel internationally or interact with foreign persons

With more business being conducted with our global neighbors, understanding and being sensitive to a country’s protocol has become a requirement. Whether you are visiting or entertaining guests from another land, we will give you enough tools to show the proper respect for your guests’ customs and traditions.

Topics: Greetings, Gift-giving, Dining, Attire 

College and Career Readiness

“Appropriate” is the key word when considering attire for business. Suits are the norm for some companies, and casual attire or company uniforms may be customary for others. However, for job interviews, whether casual or formal industry, professional dress is required.  To be perceived as a person who handles the details, grooming goes to another level in business as well. Tips about what is proper and improper attire and grooming for both men and women are discussed in this forum.

Topics: Style & Fit, Accessories, Hair & Makeup, Shoes

Growing relationships are vital to growing and sustaining a business.  Connections are created through consideration for others; introductions are at the threshold of connections. Missing opportunities to connect may mean missing out on success.  We will show you how to be comfortable while ‘working a room’ as you creating valuable relationships.

Topics: Self-Introductions, Handshakes, Networking, Business Cards

Getting the job is more than presenting a flawless resume. Myriad errors can be made prior to, during and after that big day that has nothing to do with technical skills and knowledge. Interviewing for a job is always a two-way street.  Like an actor preparing for a role,  we will map out the details of the three interview styles. The two-hour session will show you how to prepare, relax and “perform” through each. We work toward making you the one who decides whether you’re hired or not!

Topics: Rehearsal, Performance, Review

The business meal is not about dining!  There are reasons business is conducted over a meal. It is the social side of a business and can make or break deals. These settings reveal professional polish in its entirety. From receptions and banquets to formal dining and restaurants you will become skilled at the intricacies of the dining table. The etiquette essentials team breaks down every aspect of a dining experience so that you are well-equipped and comfortable at the table to carry on the business at hand.

Topics: Host & Guest Obligations, Navigating the Place Setting, Bread Etiquette and MUCH More!

Courtesy has its rewards! Get there safe and on time while minimizing stress. Accelerate through TSA, and gain favor at the hotel’s front desk. In a thirty-minute ‘Lunch and Learn’ we will expose the secrets to travel perks, including whom to tip, when and how much and help you become a savvy traveler.

Topics: Air Travel, Skycap/Shuttle Drivers, Hotel Personnel

“What goes on the Net stays on the Net!”
Sadly, this truth has devastated reputations and careers. But social media also has great value. There is a guide to maintaining professionalism when communicating electronically. We will let you in on the highs and lows of social networking.

Topics: Photos, Videos, Verbiage, Timing, Responding  

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