“Boardroom Bound? Meh…”


Granted, not everyone wants to work in a corporate environment. But earning a living always means being able to present yourself with a certain level of professionalism. Confusing skill-level with professionalism has been the downfall of many a highly trained individual, whom no one will hire.

It could be an attorney who disregards your communications; a plumber who leaves behind a mess; or a customer service associate who makes you wait…and wait! Sure these people can do the job, but would you do business with them, again? Probably not. Why? Because we not only want someone who is capable of doing the job but who shows us respect and a degree of honor.

We all want it – even the attorney, plumber, and customer service rep. What we all need is a little “put-yourself-in-my-place” or “Do unto others…” mindset, which we all know, is seriously lacking today.

Whether climbing the corporate ladder or excelling within your industry, consider these three tips when interfacing with others in business.

  1. Make a promise and keep it. From the time set for an appointment, to following through on client satisfaction make sure you honor your word. To breach a promise is a ding against your integrity, and may chip away at future business.
  1. Use good eye contact. It denotes honesty, and a willingness to gain your business. Acknowledging a waiting person is respectful too. Adding a genuine smile tends to break down walls, and speaks to your high level of care for another.
  1. Shake hands well. If you are in a business where handshaking is expected, make sure yours is warm, dry, and matches the firmness of the other person. There is no ‘gender’ in business so the perfect handshake includes business women as well as men.

Adding these tidbits to your business ‘tool box’ should get referrals and repeat business for you, which translates into increase and reward. Need help polishing your business professionalism?

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