Invitations and RSVPs

It’s holiday season and we are hosting and being invited to dinner parties and soirees. A few things to keep in mind as we extend and receive invitations:

As the Host:

Get those invites out as soon as possible, three to four weeks out is best. Mailing your invitations typically indicates a more formal gathering to the guest. Using email Evites is a handy tool to ensure you include everything – type of gathering, time, location, etc., and to keep up with guests’ RSVP’s.

Two weeks out, send a reminder to those who may not have responded, and to your “Maybe’s.” Consider calling or even shooting a “did you get my Evite?” text to non-respondent guests. Sometimes people don’t check email, so a gentle reminder helps.

Although preparation keeps us busy, it is most polite to acknowledge an acceptance or regret from a guest. It is honors your friendship.

As the Guest:

RSVP means ‘please respond’ (even if you cannot attend!). Whether you are invited through snail-mail, Evite, or text, acknowledge the invitation, and check your availability as soon as possible. Even if you’re not completely sure, honor your host by indicating “maybe” as a reply. But do not delay to respond yes, or no, as soon as you can!

Party-hopping is often necessary throughout the holidays. Plan well, by understanding what you are being invited to. A dinner party requires your evening; cocktails parties allow for more flexibility.

Begin enjoying the holidays with others, and celebrate old and new friendships by starting with these small courtesies.

Happy Holidays!


The Art of R.S.V.P.